Get a Handicap

Handicaps are an integral part of the game of golf and EWGA Westchester encourages each member to establish and maintain a handicap. A handicap, based on recent golf scores, is an indication of a player’s ability and reflects the improvement a player makes over time. Additionally, handicaps make it possible for players of different abilities to compete fairly with one another. Whether it’s an organized competition or a casual outing with friends, handicaps make the game of golf fair and fun!


If you are establishing a handicap for the first time, there are two services offered through the Westchester Chapter.   Read the information below to determine which service is best for you.

    Metropolitan Golf Association (MGA) GHIN Service  EWGA's GN21 Service
What is it?       

GHIN (Golf Handicap & Information Network)
 is a handicapping service offered by the USGA and administered by state golf associations.

EWGA Westchester has made it easy and cost effective to obtain a GHIN handicap by forming an MGA golf club. 

GN21 (GolfNet)
is a web-based, handicapping system included with your EWGA membership. Like GHIN, it also is USGA-sanctioned.

What are the Benefits?  
  • Membership in the Metropolitan Golf Association
  • GHIN handicap service, which includes email delivery of your USGA handicap updates on the 1st and 15th of each month
  • Post your scores online or directly from your smart phone using My MGA, the official app of the MGA
  • Printable handicap card sent to your e-mail address
  • Track personal game statistics in your eGolfer profile on the GHIN web site
  • Participate in MGA Play Days, one-day golf events at top Met area courses
  • Eligible to compete in MGA competitions, including:
    • The Women's Public Links (20.0 handicap limit)
    • Women's Net Team Championship (handicap 10.0 to 36.0)
    • Mixed Pinehurst (handicap limit of 18.0)
  • Subscription to the Met Golfer magazine (5 issues per year)
  • Attend educational seminars on Handicapping, the Rules of Golf and more
  • Plus an expanding list of programs and activities where MGA members enjoy value added golf opportunities.

  • It's included in your annual EWGA membership 
  • Post your scores via the EWGA website or from your smart phone
  • Print a handicap card on the GN21 website
  • View your scoring history
  • Track personal game statistics
  • Maintain a personal golf calendar
  • Access 20,000+ golf course profiles
  • Communicate with other EWGA members
  • Attest scores for other members

How do I sign up? 

Click here to join our EWGA Westchester MGA Club!

If you already have a GHIN Handicap through another MGA Club and would like to transfer your affiliation to EWGA, we can handle the transfer of your scoring history.  Your GHIN number will remain the same.

Click here 
to get to the national EWGA website login page. After you login in with your email and EWGA password, click on Handicap on the left side of the page.

How much does it cost?

Annual cost for MGA membership for the 2017 season is $26.

Included with your EWGA membership at no additional cost


Questions? E-mail the Handicap Chair at